Lisbon in Pictures

Back in 2014 I was sitting in a coffee shop studying for midterms and complaining about the Canadian winter. I had just come across photos of Dubrovnik on Pinterest  and was telling my friends how much I wanted to go there. Turns out they were also feeling the winter blues and a couple of google searches later ( and after writing off flights to Croatia as too expensive at that time) we settled on Lisbon (or Lisbon) Portugal. In a week we had booked flight tickets, found a hostel and starting planning our adventure!
Choosing Lisbon ended up being one of the BEST decisions ever! Flights were cheap in European standards, our hostel was dirt cheap ( $13 a night for a private triple, free breakfast/wifi and on a metro stop) but most importantly it was absolutely beautiful! I have already shared my itinerary and plan here but I also thought I would share more pictures from this trip! 

Windy Lisbon streets

First meal in Lisbon

Must try Portuguese pastry: Pastéis de nata

Cascais beach town

Impressively huge Belem Monastery
Impressively huge Belem Monastery

Admiring the view from Belem Tower

 Red Lisbon roofs from the Castle

 Favourite view of Lisbon!

 Cascais from the beach- love all the colourful houses! 

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