Lockdown Wardrobe: Outfit Inspiration for Staying at Home

So I was feeling super fashion inspired the other day so I styled, shot and wrote an article on my grad school wardrobe and tips on how to balance comfy and put together style. And then it hit me that literally no one needs that information right now…Well maybe some people do in places were schools are going to be in person in the fall but for the vast majority of students grad school we will continue to be online or at least have the in person settings severely limited. I know stuff keeps changing so maybe I will post it, or maybe I will just say eff it and post it even if nothing changes because I think the outfits are cute and it was fun to write.

But in the meantime so I can get my styling ( does this even count as styling??) fix while actually writing something useful I thought I would share what I have been wearing this lockdown. Massachusetts started lock down in mid-March so I have been living the work/study from home life for over three and half months. Like everyone else, these three and a half months have been a whirlwind of emotions. There are days when I am super anxious and exhausted, and they are days when the sun is shining, the coffee hits right and TSwift releases a new album. And thus my mental capacity for getting “ready” in the morning also differs wildly. So I decided to break this post into three categories. We have the Extra Cozy for days when only sweats and our softest sweaters will do. Some days you need to be presentable for the camera but still comfortable if you need a lie down mid day. And other days you feel like putting on those jeans, that cute dress and really just relishing in those small pleasures.

I do just want to say that we are living through a pandemic so whatever sparks joy, wear it. If you are a sweatpants every day kinda person, awesome. Do you need to put together a full outfit and face of makeup to get anything done? That is also great. The only “universal rule” I will say is try to do something everyday that signifies now is time to be productive. For me this is putting on my earrings. I will wake up, make coffee and read the news every morning before work. Sometimes I get dressed before, sometimes after but every single day I will wait to put on my earrings until I am ready to sit down at my desk as a way of signalling to myself that the work day has begun.

Extra-cozy. I would like my coffee in an IV please.

Joggers: probably one of the most ubiquitous trends during quarantine. I definitely did not engage in this trend prior to lockdown but now these pink ones are one of my favorite purchases this year. I like the thicker material and the lighter colour, it feels a little more “special” than a pair of grey sweatpants. I typically wear these with a simple tank top to balance the propotion and then will throw on a cardigan for extra comfort.

This cardigan is one of the heros of my closet. I bought this at Old Navy ages ago and wear it all the time. It sits on the back of my chair at home for whenever I get chilly in the day but I also wore it all the time at school as I find the long line very flattering for a whole suite of outfits.

The ultra-high waisted leggings: there is just something about ultra high waisted, buttery leggings that feel like much needed comfort. I was never a person that bought expensive leggings until I bought these about two years ago. These are the Lululumon wunder under and they feel like second skin. So incredibly comfortable, I have had them for two years and they don’t seem to losing their shape any time soon!

The cozy flannel: Everyone needs their flannel that feels like a comfort blanket. This one is super old but I can not get rid of it. I will wear it as a layer over tank tops and tees if I need extra warmth or coziness throughout the day.

The sweaterdress: I don’t know if this is just me but often my go to comfy outfits are dresses. It is a one and done deal, and this dress in particular feels like the embodiment of a hug. It is a slightly stretchy sweater dress I bought at Target for Christmas season but tbh it is often the only thing I want to wear when I get out of bed. Bonus points is that it looks cute while feeling like I am wearing a blanket.

I have video calls but kinda want to nap aesthetic

This is probably the category most days fall into and the uniform is pretty much something super comfy on the bottom and something more fun and professional on top. I try to stick to wearing colorful or patterned tops to look more awake in video calls. Striped tees and button downs in particular have been in heavy rotation as I find they are just super comfortable and kinda go with anything.

Linen pants and a patterned top: This outfit pairing was also a go to of mine in “real life” when we actually went places. I thrifted these linen Zara pants about three years ago and love how they provide the comfort of sweatpants and the breeziness of linen with the structure of actual pants. I wear these all summer long, mostly with a top tucked in ( bonus if it is a fun print). I can grab the mail, attend a meeting and then curl up with a book post work all without having to change.

Button down and bike shorts: I did not think I would be a bike shorts person and TBH I am still mostly not, I don’t think I would leave the house like this. BUT I was going through my closet when I found this old pair of Lole shorts my mom handed off to me and realized they didn’t have padding ( like actual, real bike shorts do). I tried them on and instantly got the hype. It’s like leggings for the summer. While most shorts are uncomfortable to sit on all day as they hit awkwardly down the thigh, the added length and material on these means you can barely feel them. I typically throw on a button down as I don’t feel like a full lycra-clad individual and I am ready for both Zoom calls and naps.

Tennis skort and striped tee: This skort was another hand me down find from the closet and might be a new fave. It is so stretchy and comfy whilst still being cute ( I do wear this outfit out of the house). I was hyped on skorts as a child and can say that I am most definitely a fan again. I typically pair this with a simple ( often striped) tee and a messy bun.

Felt Cute, Might Post Later

These outfits are the days where I wake up feeling inspired, excited by my closet and all the opportunities the day holds. There is just something so nice about putting together an actual outfit. The trick is to still keep these outfits ultra comfy as I do just sit all down in front of my computer for research. Some of these range from ultra casual ( jeans and tee) to date night ready ( maxi skirt and actual shoes), but all are outfits I would happily wear on days when we can be out and about again.

Wide Leg Pants/ Mom Jeans: I am a pants/jeans girl. I love all pants, it is what I wore most days to school and for the most part I find jeans very comfortable. These two pairs here are some of my favorites. The white pair is a wide leg, denim material crop and I’ve worn with heels for a Christmas dinner or frequently with a long sleeve for school in the fall. One way I really like to “dress up” at home is by adding a headband or scarf to any outfit. It adds a pop of colour whilst keeping my hair out of my face as I work. These mom jeans might be the comfiest I own and I love pairing them with an old graphic tee for something ultra casual but still put together.

Maxi dresses: Like I said above, I find dresses a huge comfort option for me. I own a couple maxi/midi dresses and I love wearing them at home as it is a super comfy but heat wave appropriate option, and is always camera ready for any last minute meetings. This trend of the “housedress” is catching up with brands (aka the “Nap Dress”) but this number here is a literal house dress I picked up from a vintage store back when I lived in Toronto.

Midi skirt: Similar to the dress I find midi skirts very easy to sit in all day at home. To me they are a much better alternative to shorts in the summer ( I hate sitting in shorts) and can be matched with sweaters to keep you cozy through cooler days as well. Such an easy way to look dressed up, and for this day I even felt inspired to add some flats top it all off.

Linen pants and a headband: Linen pants again because I love them so much. This pair is super wide leg and a fun pattern. Again I felt like adding a headband to change this up without adding any extra bulk on a hot summer day. A tank balances the proportions of the extra wide pants whilst not looking too sloppy.

What have been your go to options for working/school at home? Any top fashion purchases that have really helped you out in these times?

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