Curly Girl Update: Getting my first dry cut

I have been doing CGM lite( can I call loo-poo this?) for just over two months now! I officially started at the Beginning of June after months are hair trouble. I chronicled the first 30 days of doing CGM in this post, showing you the highs and lows of the transition period. And I will say, I am a convert! It definitely brought much need life and curl back into my hair. This is just a little update from the two month mark, how my routine is shaping up, my experience getting a dry cut and how I continue to modify the rules to suit my hair.


I have continued with my original products and, besides having to find a finishing oil, I love my routine! I use the Tresemme Botanicals — Shampoo and Conditioner ( I use a Curly Girl Friendly Shampoo ( called a loo-poo) instead of co-washing ( washing with conditioner)), the NYM Leave in Conditioner and HE Totally Twisted mousse. I use a small amount of the shampoo and lots of water and scrubbing to clean. Then I coat some conditioner and let is sit while I wash. Squish to condish and briefly rinse with cold water. Then I add the LiC with my hair soaking, coat the hair with praying hands and squish into two ropes. Then I add the mousse, also coating, roping and then scrunching making sure my hair still has water and makes that water scrunching noise. Then I air dry or plop if it is at night.

Hair products

Getting a Haircut

But despite having some great hair days I felt I had hit a wall and my hair was still not acting the way it used to…so I caved and got a haircut. This was something I was super worried about as it is still a higher risk COVID activity but the salon was amazing and took so many precautions! One of the main things that they asked, is because the City isn’t allowing blowouts right now ( extra time spent in the chair + blowing germs around) did I want to come in with freshly washed, dry hair and get a dry cut? If you don’t know already dry haircuts have long been heralded as a better way for wavy/curly hair to be cut. This method is still relatively uncommon and I had never been to salon where this was offered or suggested but knowing that this salon was very familiar with curly hair I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. If you have the option to get your hair dry cut I would 100% recommend it! It was truly the best haircut of my life!! I came in with air dried hair I had washed a few hours ago, so she was able to see the natural texture and how the waves fell. This allowed the stylist to cut the curls one by one, provided way more texture without it puffing up. She added a bunch of layers to my hair and finally the top pieces are starting to curl instead of always laying flat. Whereas before the cut I needed mousse in my hair to get consistent waves, I can not put any stylers in and still have it curl up. I do find that mousse still helps a ton with definition but it is nice to not be dependent on it.

Pre and immediately post hair cut (styled with heat)

Hair post cut, after CGM wash routine. It is SO much curlier

Breaking Rules

I will say I did break CGM twice this month. One during the haircut, she asked if I wanted it styled and I said why the heck not? She misted, brushed and then curled my hair and it was worth it! I love other people doing my hair and I don’t think this one time use of heat made a huge impact on my hair, it was so happy to be cut and layered again it curled up really nicely the first time I showered ( with my CGM products) . The second time I broke it was with an Aveda finishing oil. After my fiasco with almond oil I still haven’t found a CGM friendly oil I like, and I had showered one morning after a workout without styling and found my hair had actually put out incredible ( but big and frizzy) curls and so I caved and put in some Aveda Light Effects. I am really trying to keep CGM friendly because I do find it helps my hair but this was my favorite pre CGM product ever and I will likely break the rules again at some point for it.

Very curly (mid day shower, no wash rouine) with a touch of Light Effects

While I love my natural hair there is no shame in taking joy in some freshly heat styled hair as well!

Just a quick little update post, I hope it was helpful!

I will say I love the spirit of CGM, and what it has taught me about my hair and common ingredients that are horrible for curly hair! I will say I am very liberal with the rules and will likely continue to modify and adapt moving forwards. For others considering I would recommend committing at least 30 days to following the rules to a tee and then reevaluate if are okay heat styling or adding in different products once in a while! Everyone’s hair is different and everyone’s relationship with their hair is different, I would say as long as what you are doing is making your happy go for it!

3 thoughts on “Curly Girl Update: Getting my first dry cut

  1. The dry cut definitely worked for you girl. And your hair is becoming so much curlier. I have never done the dry cut before, but I have also never found a curly hair salon. I usually just cut it myself or trust my mom.

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of manes by mell, but she’s a professional stylist and a youtuber who gives amazing advice on curly wavy hair.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I had never really heard of the dry cut before but I hope it grows in availability!
      Ou I haven’t heard of her but will look it up, I love finding new hair inspiration.

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