How I Stay Organized in Grad School

It is almost back to school season! And with classes being all online this term (again) I want to make sure I am super organized to keep up with everything. This semester I am also starting a new degree, this is the first year of the MCP portion of my dual MST-MCP degree, and MCP has way more course requirements. This means I need to maintain the same RAship I had last year with three courses, while taking 4 and a half classes. Plus with getting more involved in some extra-curriculars I have a ton to plan.

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What I learnt my first year in grad school

So my first year of grad school has come and gone! In many ways it was completely different than I had ever expected ( literally no one could have predicted anything about 2020) and while I do feel I got off to a rough start, I feel I managed to turn it around and end on a high note! I am super excited for the next two years but first wanted to recap what I learned ( from my many trials and errors) for those heading to grad school this fall!

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