Martha’s Vineyard Travel Guide

Since moving to Boston my boyfriend and I have been super fortunate to visit Martha’s Vineyard a couple times. Close family friends of my boyfriend have a house on the island and have invited us up and showed us the truly incredible place it is. When I first heard of Martha’s Vineyard I imagined a preppy paradise full of hydrangeas and ultra wealthy people, but in reality the island is so much more. Gorgeous rolling farmland, home to a beautifully rugged coast and a Native American reservation. While tourism is a dominant industry, so is farming and fishing, there are tons of local art galleries, pottery studios and photographers. It reminds me a lot of Brittany in France in all the best possible ways. An gorgeous escape into nature featuring some of the best farm produce and seafood you can find on this coast.

Of course if you are looking for a beach getaway filled with Vineyard Vines ( yes it is from here!) and hydrangeas you were not misled, the island features all that and more!

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Quiberon, Brittany, France

Second half of our trip to Brittany, France takes us to beautiful coastal town of Quiberon! First half of the trip in Saint Malo can be found here. 

St. Malo, Brittany, France

After an amazing week in Berlin, we made the journey ( three trains, a cab and a bus!) to Brittany, a region in Northeastern France. I had come here as a child and had fond memories, but besides remembering this is where I learnt bocce, tried mussels for the first time and had a good time, I really remembered nothing and had no idea what to expect. I can definitely say Brittany delivered!  It is a gorgeous region of beautiful nature, amazing food and medieval towns. This post has the full details on the first half of our trip, based out of Saint Malo,  and details on the second half in Quiberon can be found here.

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Berlin, Germany: What to do in a week

After a month and half of amazing travel with my friends across Europe I decided to tack on another couple weeks travelling with my boyfriend. We decided we wanted to explore a new city for a week and then zen out in the country for a bit. In the end we settled on Berlin and then Northern France/Brittany region! Below is the full travel diary for Berlin and details on our trip to Brittany can be found here and here.

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Budapest, Hungary

On to the next leg of EuroTrip 2017!!
We arrived in Budapest and made the short walk from the train to our Airbnb. We had a super cute loft apartment for the four of us that was right on one of the main streets in town. Our place was super cute and the host was so nice- she even gave us a free bottle of Hungarian wine on arrival! After settling in we headed out for dinner at a Hungarian place near by recommended by our host. I think it was called Huszar Etterem Sorozo. Three of us grabbed Chicken Paprikash which was great and my fourth friend got the beef goulash which she said was only okay. The place is super cute and local and the food is good and affordable. 

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